allotment group


Welcome to our allotment blog! Alzheimer Scotland West Dunbartonshire were lucky enough to receive a grant from The Life Changes Trust to develop our community allotment. This is part of a bigger initiative that strives to achieve ‘Dementia Friendly Communities’. With the correct guidance and funding, we have been busy developing our allotment plot into a community space that is inclusive of people living with Dementia, but not exclusive! This year we will open our allotment to anyone who would like to get involved! Whether you are a person living with Dementia, a carer, family member, keen gardener or you are┬ásimply looking for somewhere sociable to spend time…we hope to see as many people as possible enjoying this inspiring space.

Keep checking back to keep up to date on the project development, and any upcoming events that we plan to hold at the end of summer. Feel free to get in touch if you have any tips or ideas for our allotment….all green fingers (hands!) on deck!

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